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Freightliner 28 passenger trolley and this one which is a chance 26 passenger trolley. The Greenland is the chance trolley it is covered and Mahogany wood the seats inside are all mahogany beautifully finished wood. This bus features a 2000 want Soundsystem with four sub woofers. Bluetooth connectivity through the stereo also auxiliary cord for iPod hookups. Fully air-conditioned. Chance trolleys are the world's finest trolleys built. This one would make a great party bus or shuttle bus transportation for any occasion.

Night on the Town

For a night out on the town... we serve Tallahassee and all of North Florida and South Georgia

Proms, Weddings

The City of Tallahassee Trolley is great for proms, weddings and group get togethers

Need a Limo?

We have limos available in Tallahassee from stretch Hummers to classic stretch limos.